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Netman 204 Network Agent

The NetMan 204 network agent allows UPS directly connected over LAN 10/100 Mb connections to be managed using the main network communication protocols. It was developed to integrate UPS into medium-sized and large networks, to provide a high level of reliability in communication between the UPS and associated management systems.

Kit for AS/400 and i-Series Communication Kit

Due to its single-level memory management feature, it is compulsory for any IBM AS/400 system to be UPS protected so that an orderly and controlled shutdown can be achieved. Without a UPS, any protracted mains failure or momentary loss of power will lead to a lengthy recovery period as the AS/400 reboots itself.
In addition sudden loss of electrical power can itself damage the AS/400. The Cetronic UPS AS/400 system connection kit allows the UPS to be connected to the AS/400 shutdown system to prevent this happening.

MultiCOM 401 Protocol Converter

The MultiCOM 401 connects a UPS to a Profibus DP Network. In industrial environments, the Gateway integrates UPS management and monitoring into a control system. The Gateway uses the field bus design – one of the most popular used for communicating between devices such as automation control systems and distribted I/O hardware.

Multifunction I/O Serial Link / Contacts Duplexer

MultiFunction I/O is an accessory for the Premier Plus range and provides a set of relay contacts (8A/250V) to give UPS alarm and status indication.The accessory has an input available to enable the functions "Remote ON", "Remote OFF", "Remote ON/OFF" through the UPSTools software (ver. 1.3.3 or above).
This function is available for UPS having firmware release SWM020-01-16 or above.

Multi I/O Protocol Converter

Multi I/O has configurable input and output signal contacts to allow UPS integration with control systems.It can be used to connect two devices to a single UPS serial communication port. It can also communicate using the MODBUS/JBUS protocol on RS485 lines. 8 analog / digital inputs & 8 relay outputs to monitor the UPS mains status.

Multicom 382 Contacts / EPO board

MultiCOM 382 provides a set of relay contacts to provide UPS alarm and status indication.
The contacts are connected through terminal connections. Signal contacts include Emergency Power Off (EPO), Remote Shut Down (RSD), On Battery, On Bypass, Alarm and Low battery. The contacts are change over or normally open, rated at 230V, 3A.

Multicom 372 Serial / EPO Port

MultiCOM 372 provides a UPS with an additional RS232 serial interface port. The card has Emergency Power Off (EPO) and Remote Shut Down (RSD) inputs with terminal connections.

MultiCOM 351/352 Serial Link Duplexer

The MultiCom 351/352 is a serial duplexer that allows two devices to be connected to a single serial port on a UPS.
It can be used where numerous serial connections and multiple polling of UPS are required, and is ideal for LAN networks with a firewall.

MultiCOM 301/302 Protocol Converter

The MultiCOM 301/302 protocol converter may be used to monitor the UPS using the MODBUS/JBUS protocol on RS485 or RS232 serial line. It will also manage a second, independent RS232 serial line that can be used to connect other devices such as the Netman 101 or a PC that uses the PowerShield³ software

Environmental Sensors

The environmental sensors monitor and record environmental conditions as well as activities in protected areas and at the premises where the UPS is installed.

The environmental sensors allow extensive control and management of the environment around the UPS by monitoring the temperature, humidity, triggering devices such as fans or locks and communicating the values via web, SNMP and via the PowerShield³ software.

PowerNetGuard Supervision Software

PowerNETGuard software centralises UPS management using network interface (SNMP) communications. It is ideal for Data Centre managers and medium to large sized networks. PowerNETGuard uses the RFC1628 standard Management Information Base (MIB) and ensures standardised UPS management wherever they are located.

PowerShield³ Communication Software

PowerShield³ provides efficient, user-friendly UPS management using bar chart displays to show major operational information such as the input voltage, UPS load % and batteries charge %.

The software also provides detailed information on fault conditions and UPS operating characteristics. PowerShield³ has been developed with a client/server architecture that makes it flexible and easy to use, and provides multi-lingual and on-line support

Remote Alarm Panels LCD or LED

The remote alarm panel provides remote indication of UPS status.
LED Panel: Provides audible and visual (LED) alarms.
LCD Panel: Provide a detailed UPS status overview in real time. Can display values for UPS specific input and output supplies, and battery set measurements.
The panel has a high-definition graphical display and can report in 7 languages. It has 3 independent serial ports, one of which allows for UPS monitoring via the MODBUS/JBUS protocol (on either an RS485 or RS232 serial line). The others can be used with devices such as the Netman 101 Plus or a PC running PowerShield³ software.

External Manual Bypass Switches

An external manual bypass switch enables a UPS system to be powered down for maintenance without any disruption to the load. External manual bypass switches can be incorporated into switchboards and have safety interlocks fitted to prevent incorrect switching operation.

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