Remote Alarm Panels LCD or LED

The remote alarm panel provides remote indication of UPS status.
LED Panel: Provides audible and visual (LED) alarms.
LCD Panel: Provide a detailed UPS status overview in real time. Can display values for UPS specific input and output supplies, and battery set measurements.

The panel has a high-definition graphical display and can report in 7 languages. It has 3 independent serial ports, one of which allows for UPS monitoring via the MODBUS/JBUS protocol (on either an RS485 or RS232 serial line). The others can be used with devices such as the Netman 101 Plus or a PC running PowerShield³ software.

The Remote Alarm Panels LCD or LED serve as invaluable components in enhancing the monitoring and control capabilities of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Designed for user-friendly interaction, these panels feature LCD or LED displays that provide real-time information about the UPS status, including input/output voltages, battery levels, and system diagnostics.

The intuitive interface allows users to swiftly assess the UPS performance and respond promptly to any alarms or issues. With easy-to-read displays and clear indicators, the Remote Alarm Panels contribute to a seamless and efficient power management experience, ensuring that users can maintain the reliability and continuity of their critical systems.

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