Standby Power Guide

The aim of Cetronic Power Solutions is to provide IT professionals with comprehensive and impartial information on standby power through our guide. Our 6-step guide simplifies the process of planning power protection for IT infrastructure and data centres, enabling a clear understanding of the critical elements involved. We strive to deliver precisely what you need to know, in an easy-to-understand format.


In the event of a blackout or a brown-out caused by environmental factors that result in a power disturbance, the Standby Power system will activate.

In today's business world, it's widely recognized that having standby power is crucial for ensuring seamless operations during power outages.

If the electrical equipment needs to be supplied with power for a period longer than the runtime of the UPS, a generator is required.

UPS System Specifications, it is important to establish whether it is intended for a single-phase or three-phase electrical supply.

To ensure maximum protection for IT mission-critical applications, it is crucial to have a well-matched UPS and generator.

When contemplating installation within a building or on a rooftop, it's also important to consider the issue of refuelling.

A single deteriorating battery cell will charge at a faster pace compared to the others, leading to overheating.

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