Part 5 – Making the Right Generator Choices

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In Part 5 – Making the right generator choices we guide you through the correct steps in making the right choices in getting a generator. We explain the different types of generators and more. Please contact us today if you require further assistance.

Types of Generators

Modern generators boast several upgrades compared to older models, including turbocharging, compactness, affordability, increased efficiency, and the ability to reach full capacity within seconds. Additionally, a diverse range of fuel options is readily accessible.

If you have an older model generator, upgrading your generator will be of huge benefit to your company and should not be postponed. Contact us today, to upgrade your generator.

Diesel generators are the most widely utilised type. The popularity of diesel fuel stems from its low fire risk and stability over time. Furthermore, in terms of upfront costs, diesel-powered generators are often the most cost-effective option available.

Natural gas is a popular alternative where it is accessible. However, the engine size of a natural gas generator needs to be larger than that of a diesel counterpart to make up for the lower energy content of gas compared to gasoline or diesel. An advantage of using a natural gas generator is that it eliminates the need for a fuel tank, as the fuel is supplied directly from the main gas line, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted supply.

The drawback of using a natural gas generator is that if a large enough gas main is not already installed, the cost of installing one can be high. Additionally, if the main gas supply is disrupted, the situation is outside of your control, which can lead to unexpected power outages.


Cetronic Power Solutions WEIGHT

A 100kVA generator has an estimated weight of 1.7 metric tons before fuel is taken into account. The fuel tank size can vary based on the intended usage and requirements, but as a general guideline, it is advisable to allocate one kilogram per litre of diesel to err on the side of caution with regard to weight.

As a result, the placement of the generator is crucial. If the generator is located on ground level, such as in a parking lot, weight is not a concern. However, if the generator is installed within a building or on a rooftop, it is essential to strictly adhere to the structure's load-bearing capabilities.

When contemplating installation within a building or on a rooftop, it's also important to consider the issue of refuelling.

Generators - Exhaust, Noise and Heat Emissions

All internal combustion engines emit carbon monoxide (CO) and noise. The exhaust gases must be properly ventilated, and it is recommended that the exhaust pipe be no longer than 10 meters and that the exit point be positioned away from windows and other air intake vents to ensure proper ventilation.

Noise can be reduced to a tolerable level for outdoor use through the use of acoustic hoods and, to a lesser extent, weather-proof enclosures. Additionally, diesel generators can be equipped with catalytic converters within the silencers to reduce both chemical and noise pollution. It's important to note that these converters work at temperatures ranging from 200°C to 300°C and therefore, must be thermally insulated.

Due to the fact that diesel generators are typically air cooled, it may become necessary to implement additional cooling and ventilation measures, such as forced air cooling, in the immediate surrounding area of the generator.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring services offer a beneficial maintenance solution by constantly monitoring the generator during operation. This service not only monitors your weekly auto-start procedures but also confirms successful test runs, alerts you of any mains failure, common alarms, and low fuel levels through SMS text or email notifications as needed.

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