Battery Installation and Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Installation

The batteries are critical to the integrity of your UPS system. Most modern UPS systems will perform and monitor short battery tests on a regular basis, it is also essential to maintain these systems to ensure they will operate correctly when they are needed. This can be done by using our battery impedance testing.

Cetronic, we supply, install, maintain and replace a wide variety of UPS batteries, the most common being sealed lead acid (VRLA) with a 5 or 10 year design life.

Cetronic is a hazardous waste registered company, allowing for correct disposal and recycling of old batteries.

Battery System Design

Consideration will be given to:

  • Battery requirements and type; such as autonomy (back-up) time and whether the batteries should be sealed lead acid (VRLA), vented lead acid, plante or nickel cadmium (NiCd)
  • Battery design life and the number of charge/discharges cycles
  • Parallel battery bank advantages
  • Room temperature conditions
  • Battery housing type; open, cladded or enclosed rack, matching UPS/battery cabinets etc
  • Room restrictions; false/raised floors (are battery rack leg extensions required?), dimensions (size) or surface load  (weight)
  • Room accessibility; easy access, straight push, no steps, lift capacity, stairs and other obstacles
  • Battery monitoring system; continuously monitoring your battery health
  • Flexibility of individual battery string fusing and switchgear
  • DC cable lengths and power losses associated with long cable runs
  • Battery access for maintenance

Battery Installation, Battery Replacement & Disposal

Our battery installation and UPS battery replacement team will perform the following tasks:

  • Site survey to fully understand the task and site access
  • Produce a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS)
  • Co-ordinate and arrange delivery, positioning and installation of new batteries together with battery racks/cabinets
  • Install new DC fuses and switchgear (as specified)
  • Connect all batteries to UPS and create a complete system
  • Installation of battery monitoring system (as specified)
  • If we are providing a UPS battery replacement service, we may be able to isolate and change one parallel battery string at a time so that the integrity of the overall system is not compromised during the replacement process
  • Pack and remove old batteries from site for recycling and correct disposal. Providing a hazardous waste disposal certificate
  • If required, perform a system load bank test, discharging the batteries whilst monitoring battery performance and thermal imaging survey
Battery Replacement

Battery Maintenance

Regular UPS battery maintenance is required to prolong the life of the batteries and to detect any weak or faulty battery blocks.

We carry out the following checks:

  • Examining the batteries for any swollen, distorted or split casings
  • Measure battery cell and battery string voltages
  • Check for signs of corrosion
  • Check the tightness and security of battery terminal connections
  • Environmental checks, such as room temperature, cleanliness etc.
  • Battery discharge test (via UPS front panel or system load bank )
  • Impedance testing of each battery block

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