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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Systems) with a Single Phase or three phase input and a Single phase output are available in power sizes from 700VA to 100kVA in single modules.  These single phase UPS systems can be installed in parallel N+1 (redundant) configurations to increase system resilience. These industry leading high operating efficiency and on-line double conversion UPS are rated to supply output power at a power factor of up to 0.9. These UPS systems can be configured for on-line and eco-modes of operation.

These UPS systems provide critical power protection for a wide range of applications, such as computers, small/mid-size server rooms, IT networks, telecommunication systems, CCTV and medical equipment.

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Advantages Of Single Phase UPS Systems

The advantages of having a a single phase UPS unit as part of your battery backup power protection plan is that a single phase UPS system is that they are a cost effective solution because of their smaller load applications, these units are well equipped and suited for home use and small businesses. The single phase unit is compatible for a diverse range of equipment and devices and has a simplistic approach for installation and maintenance.

Disadvantages Of Single Phase UPS Systems

Single phase uninterruptible power supplies have a limited power capacity due to its size which makes it less effective for larger businesses or applications that have a high power requirement that needs to be protected. This in return creates limited applications for industrial settings.

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