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3kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our 3kVA UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) are used for small power protection applications. This makes them an ideal solution for a small server or for home office use and smaller-scale IT sectors as well as education sectors.

Cetronic Power Solutions Ltd was originally founded in 1966 providing Components, Equipment and Tools to the electronics industry, hence the name CETronic.

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Q&A's for 3kVA Backup Power

1. What's the difference between a 3kVA UPS rack and a 3kVA UPS tower (uninterruptible power supply)?

A rack 3kva UPS is installed into server racks whereas a tower is an independent unit on its own. Some UPS systems can be used as either.Contact us to find out what will work best for your sector.

2. What is the difference between an online and line-interactive 3kVA UPS?

An on-line 3kVA UPS system offers a higher level of protection than a line-interactive at a higher cost.

3. What is the typical charging time for 3kVA UPS systems?

4-6 Hours is the typical charging time for a 3kVA UPS system

4. What is the typical runtime at full load of a 3kVA UPS system?

While running at full load, from 4-60 minutes on internal UPS batteries depending on the UPS that you have. This runtime can be extended with additional UPS batteries should you need a longer runtime, contact us for more information so we can optimise runtime for you.

5 . How often is a UPS battery change required in a 3kVA UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply)?

Typically UPS batteries need replacing every 5 years, but this depends on environmental factors, like the temperature of where they are being stored and ventilation. It is important to have the correct battery care plan in place to minimise any problems you may face. Contact us for more information should this be of interest.

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