Part 4 – Matching a diesel generator to your UPS system

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To ensure maximum protection for IT mission-critical applications, it is crucial to have a well-matched UPS and generator in Part 4 – Matching a diesel generator to your UPS system we are here to guide you on the steps you need to take on how you can do this effectively.

An on-line UPS, which can handle a wide range of frequency variations, is ideal. Furthermore, the generator should be appropriately sized to absorb voltage fluctuations. To further guarantee reliability, an electronic governor can be added to the generator, and an in-phase monitor can be integrated into the automatic transfer switch.

Why on-line UPS technology works best with generators

The double conversion technology used in On-line UPS systems makes them highly effective in mitigating the effects of frequency variations in the input power. This is because the incoming AC power is first converted to DC power, which is then converted back to AC, providing a clean and regulated output. As a result, the On-line UPS is immune to the frequency variations that would trigger an off-line or line-interactive UPS to switch to battery power, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to the critical load.

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