Understanding "Standby Power"

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So what is standby power?

Understanding standby power: In the event of a blackout or a brown-out caused by environmental factors that result in a power disturbance, the Standby Power system will activate. It can either be powered by stored energy in the form of lead-acid UPS batteries within an uninterruptible power supply, or by generated power from a generator, or a combination of both in a hybrid system. In this setup, the UPS will provide power until the generator is fully operational.

Power Quality Issues?

IT systems and delicate equipment are vulnerable to the consequences of even a brief power loss. This can result in crashes, shutdowns, data loss, and damage to components that require costly repairs. To protect against these outcomes, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is used. In case of a power failure or a dip in power (brown-out), the UPS immediately switches to battery power to maintain a stable power supply. Additionally, the UPS also helps regulate the power by reducing spikes and harmonics. Its design is meant to address a range of power issues.

For further information on the various power issues, please visit the following page: Types Of Power Problems

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