Modular UPS Systems

The main advantages of using a modular approach to UPS selection is the ability to grow capacity as required (assuming an initial correctly sized installation) and reduced maintenance cost. The UPS power modules are hot swappable and can (if required) be returned to the factory by the user for exchange or repair. Alternatively, UPS engineers should be able to repair systems during the first visit, without having to order spares. Modular systems are also generally designed to accept one or more additional power modules to achieve their rated capacity, making them inherently "N+1" capable at much lower cost than would be possible with the very large system.

Another potential advantage of modular UPS systems is efficiency. A UPS system operates at highest efficiency when it is near its maximum rated capacity. As load level drops, so does efficiency. The losses may not seem great on the surface, but it adds up and as we become increasingly concerned about energy waste and cost, this starts to become a consideration.

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 Modular UPS Systems 10kVA - 1MVA

Riello Multi Power 42kVA - 1MVA

The Riello MULTI POWER is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability.



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