Environmental Sensors

The environmental sensors monitor and record environmental conditions as well as activities in protected areas and at the premises where the UPS is installed.

The environmental sensors allow extensive control and management of the environment around the UPS by monitoring the temperature, humidity, triggering devices such as fans or locks and communicating the values via web, SNMP and via the PowerShield³ software.

Environmental Sensors are integral components of a comprehensive power management system, providing crucial insights into the conditions of the surrounding environment. These sensors are designed to monitor various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and airflow within data centres, server rooms, or any critical infrastructure environment. By continuously collecting and transmitting real-time data, Environmental Sensors enable proactive management to prevent potential issues that could impact the performance and reliability of electronic equipment.

The information gathered by these sensors allows for timely responses to fluctuations in environmental conditions, helping to maintain optimal operating conditions and prolong the life of sensitive equipment. With their precision and reliability, Environmental Sensors play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of critical infrastructure components by contributing to a controlled and stable operating environment.

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