Multicom 382 Contacts / EPO board

MultiCOM 382 provides a set of relay contacts to provide UPS alarm and status indication.
The contacts are connected through terminal connections. Signal contacts include Emergency Power Off (EPO), Remote Shut Down (RSD), On Battery, On Bypass, Alarm and Low battery. The contacts are change over or normally open, rated at 230V, 3A.

The Multicom 382 Contacts/EPO (Emergency Power Off) board is an integral component designed to enhance the functionality and safety features of power systems. This board provides crucial interfaces for external contacts, enabling seamless communication with other devices and systems. In addition, it incorporates an Emergency Power Off function, allowing for swift and secure shutdown in critical situations.

The Multicom 382 board is engineered with precision and reliability, ensuring that it meets the demanding requirements of power management systems. Its advanced features contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of power installations, making it an essential component for applications where precise control and emergency shutdown capabilities are essential.

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