2 December 2020
New UPS Installation

Installed a new 30KVA Multi Sentry UPS system with an external manual bypass switch. This single system replaced 3 x parallel 120KVA UPS systems as the customers load requirements had reduced dramatically.

17 November 2020
Parallel 40KVA UPS Replacement

A postponed UPS replacement due to the Corona Virus lockdown finally received approval to proceed. The systems were installed without interrupting power to the load due to the fact that the UPS’s were originally installed with external manual bypass switches.

11 November 2020
Busy UPS Maintenance Period

Following the Covid-19 “lockdown”, many companies are realising that now is the perfect time (before staff return to offices) to perform planned preventative maintenance visits

28 October 2020
Tight UPS Installation

Visited a sight the other day to maintain 4 x parallel 40KVA UPS systems. The UPS’s are mounted on a plinth with no room to pull them forward even onto a wheeled dolly. In order to get into these UPS’s for repair or to replace batteries you have to disconnect and take one system out […]

14 October 2020
Battery Replacement with Smaller Blocks

When the original batteries on a UPS needed replacing, the customers load had reduced (over the years) to about 10% of the UPS capacity. So rather than specify 10 minutes back-up at full UPS load, it was decided that 10 minutes at the lighter load was all that was needed. The UPS was de-rated via […]

22 July 2020
UPS Inspection and Evaluation

A recent request to inspect and evaluate a UPS installation at a high street store uncovered the fact that the UPS was shut down with batteries disconnected. All equipment normally supported by a UPS (tills, security etc.) was just being powered from normal mains power  

13 May 2020

Recently installed a 10KVA Sentryum UPS to replace a competitors old defective system. As the original installation incorporated an external manual bypass switch, the replacement UPS was installed and switched into service without the need to interrupt the power. This is the third generation of transformerless ON LINE UPS. The 10-20 kVA Sentryum rewrites the concept of flexible […]

27 April 2020

The electrical power supply to the X-Ray system was monitored and found to be suffering from flicker and voltage dips which effected the system during operation. A 100KVA 3 phase UPS was installed with 7 minutes battery back-up at full UPS load. The system was tested with the X-Ray engineers in attendance during UPS on-line […]

15 April 2020

An old 6KVA UPS was replaced with a new unity power factor “SDU” (Sentinel Dual) UPS. As the original UPS was installed with an external manual bypass switch (EMBS) there was no interruption to server power and the whole was performed seamlessly.

11 March 2020
UPS Upgrade

UPS upgrade to a new Multi Sentry from an old Multi Dialog together with new batteries

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