14 August 2023

Asset Protection - Why a UPS is Essential

Six valuable reasons why your assets need protecting with an uninterruptible power supply. Learn about what a UPS system is. Power protection is an investment to protect assets and other investments you or your business have. Get in contact if you would like a quote for asset protection through the use of electrical backup power.

Your Six Assets Needing Power:

  • Security Systems - CCTV and security systems which are protecting your assets and businesses are a must have piece of equipment, that is why backing up your security with an extra layer of security (a UPS system) is essential where every second counts. Having this critical equipment installed means even during a power cut, your CCTV and security systems will remain powered creating a safe and secure environment.
  • Financial Protection - Continuous operation allows for a constant gain, going offline will cause you to have a financial loss as downtime will stop profits coming into your business. Whether it is data, online stores, investments, manufacturing or other means of financial gain a UPS system is crucial for asset protection
  • Emergency Systems - Emergency lights, fire protection such as sprinklers where your assets are held and safety measures that rely on electrical power must be backed up by a UPS system to ensure continuous functionality of these systems to protect not only your assets but the safety of others.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Some industries require a UPS system as a compliance standard. A UPS will not only allow you to meet best standards of compliance requirements but will also give you the added benefit of keeping your assets protected.
  • Equipment Longevity - The safe shutdown when power is not available is essential for protecting devices and equipment as well as equipment protection from voltage spikes is critical to stop the unrepairable damage that can be caused.
  • Network Connectivity - For businesses and individuals that rely or have assets which rely on network connectivity an investment in a UPS system is essential. The UPS will keep routers, communication devices and other essentials online and powered 24/7

UPS systems and backup power is used throughout different industries and serves multiple purposes when it comes to safeguarding businesses and various equipment. A UPS system is an asset to have in itself, contact us today to plan your protection.

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