24 February 2020
Docklands 60kva UPS

60kva UPS with 35 minutes batteries positioned and commissioned in Docklands

12 February 2020
Parallel 12KVA UPS systems

Parallel 12KVA UPS systems installed at a travel company's new head office to protect their data room. Each UPS has it’s own batteries and an overall external manual bypass switch is installed

31 January 2020
On-site power monitoring

Power Consumption monitoring of older switchboards and supplies. Generally customers are looking for spare capacity or to upgrade switchgear.

15 January 2020
Harmonic Monitoring

Harmonic Monitoring to identify the cause of a loud audible buzzing from the input ACB

16 December 2019
Happy Christmas
29 November 2019
Power Monitoring

Power Consumption Monitoring on the LV side of a 2500KVA packaged substation

28 October 2019
UPS Battery Replacement

Happy Staff Removal and correct disposal of 3 tons of batteries on a Friday. Hazardous waste transfer note provided.

20 May 2019
UPS Battery Change

Battery change on a 40KVA UPS system following a UPS preventative maintenance visit which highlighted the requirement for replacement batteries  

7 May 2019
UPS external manual bypass switch

Installation of a UPS external manual bypass switch (EMBS) together with a replacement 20KVA UPS system fitted with a network communications card provides a big resilience improvement to this computer room.  

24 April 2019
UPS Battery change

UPS Battery change for a 120KVA UPS system. Two parallel strings of batteries (individually fused/switched) enables one string to be taken out of service, so that the system can continue to operate should a power failure occur.  

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