22 February 2023

How Backup Power Saved Lives

Why Diesel Generators are Paired

In this blog, we will discuss why diesel generators are paired with UPS systems, here at Cetronic we supply diesel generators from, manufacturers like SDMO

While diesel generators are an excellent choice for backup power from manufacturers like SDMO, they do have some limitations. One of the most significant limitations is their startup time. Diesel generators typically take between 10 to 30 seconds to start and reach full power output. In a situation where power is lost, this delay could cause significant damage to sensitive equipment, such as computer servers, medical devices, or industrial machinery. This is where UPS systems come in.

UPS systems provide near-instantaneous backup power during the brief gap between the loss of utility power and the generator's startup. UPS systems use backup power batteries to store power and deliver it immediately to the connected equipment in the event of an interruption. This allows for a seamless transfer of power to the diesel generator, which can then take over the load and provide backup power for an extended period.

UPS systems also provide an additional layer of protection against power disturbances, such as voltage sags and spikes, which could damage sensitive equipment. They act as power conditioners, smoothing out any disturbances and providing clean, stable power to connected equipment. This ensures that even when the diesel generator is running, the equipment is protected from power disturbances.

The importance of pairing diesel generators with UPS systems is best illustrated by a real-world scenario. In 2018, Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States, causing widespread power outages. One of the areas affected was a hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina. The hospital had a backup diesel generator to provide power during outages, but it failed to start when the power went out.

Fortunately, the hospital had a UPS system in place, which immediately kicked in and provided power to critical medical equipment. The UPS system kept the hospital operational until the diesel generator could be started, providing a seamless transfer of power. The hospital was able to maintain its critical operations and provide essential medical care to its patients, despite the power outage.

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