24 January 2023

What is Power Monitoring?

Power monitoring is used by businesses to understand precisely how and when they use their power. The report generated by our power monitoring equipment details all the spikes and surges, as well as periods of high electrical use.

You can find more information about our power monitoring services here.

Please note, this is not the same as a Smart Meter.

This service is unsuitable for homes. If you are interested in understanding more about your home's power usage, please get in touch with your electric company, most will be more than happy to install a Smart Meter for free.

Power Monitoring allows you to find and anticipate power issues that can damage your business. Power problems include (but

aren't limited to) Equipment Failure, Data Errors and Memory Loss, Software Corruption, Electricity Outages, Unwanted System Resets, and Overheating Issues.

What does Cetronic Power Solutions Offer?

Certonic's power monitoring is a best-in-class service that provides you with a detailed report of any power issues, a full example of the report can be found here. This (minimum) week-long monitoring will assure you that your electrical equipment is safe and running smoothly as well as highlighting any power issues. If any issues are discovered, we will offer you impartial advice for reducing or eliminating power-related problems such as disturbances or harmonics.

Electricity quality can affected by lightning, sudden heavy load demand and supply faults. These can be alleviated by installing


instantly responsive, protective devices between the power supply source and the end usage equipment. Typically these may include uninterruptable power supply generators, backup batteries and/or constant voltage transformers. Our power monitoring survey report will provide a detailed explanation of your particular equipment needs and our impartial recommendations will provide the most cost-effective solution and protection tailored specifically to your unique requirements.    

You can find more information about our power monitoring services here.

If you need help with power monitoring you can contact us using the form below:

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