Riello UPS Multi Sentry MST 12kVA T4 - 22 mins

The Riello Multi Sentry MST 12kVA T4 - 22 mins is an uninterruptible power supply that provides the highest level of online double conversion performance according to IEC EN 62040-3 standards. It is designed to safeguard critical information and telecommunications systems, networks, services, and processes that may be affected by poor power quality or interruptions in the mains power supply. The Multi Sentry UPS is easy to install and can be used in sites with limited power capacity, standby generators, and potential harmonic compatibility issues. It has low input current distortion, high input power factor, power walk-in function, and delayed start-up on mains power supply return. It also acts as a high specification filter, protecting its power supply sources from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads it is powering.

The Multi Sentry Battery Care System optimizes battery performance and prolongs their working life, ensuring that the UPS can deliver its full-rated back-up time in an emergency. It is compatible with various types of lead-acid batteries and includes specific management features such as one-level recharge, two voltage level recharge, restricted charging, temperature compensation, battery test, deep discharge protection, and low AC ripple current.

The Multi Sentry UPS is highly flexible and can be configured to power capacitive loads without any reduction in active power. It has different modes of operation, including On-Line, Eco, Smart-Active, and Stand-By/Off, as well as a frequency conversion mode, Power Share connections, cold-start facility, extensive backup time options using battery extension cabinets, optional battery cabinet temperature sensor, optional battery chargers, optional dual input supplies, and optional isolation transformers for Galvanic isolation and neutral connectivity.

The Multi Sentry UPS also has advanced communication features, including a large front panel graphic display, real-time measurements, operating status, and alarm conditions in eight different languages. It has advanced multi-platform communication for all operating systems and network environments, including PowerShield³ monitoring and shutdown software, SNMP agent, TeleNetGuard for remote assistance service, RS232 or USB serial port, three communication slots for accessories, REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) for remote shutdown in an emergency, input for connection of an auxiliary contact for an external manual bypass, and input for synchronization with an external power source. It also has a graphic mimic panel display for remote connection.

The Multi Sentry UPS is designed for low management cost, providing exceptional performance and efficiency levels within a compact footprint and overall case design. It has the lowest footprint in its category, high efficiency up to 96%, and a high output power factor that provides up to 15-20% more active power compared to traditionally sized UPSs, offering greater system expansion margin for further load increases.

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