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UPS systems are a safety precaution for providing backup power in emergency situations and ensuring the safety of individuals. The use of industry standards, such as BS999:2017, helps to ensure that safety measures are up to date and in line with best practices. Contact us today for assistance for power monitoring and your backup power solution. These systems will need regular maintenance to make sure you are staying within a safety standard.

An uninterrupted power supply system (UPS Systems For Lifts) - even if the mains power fails the lift will stay operational, to get longer runtimes for a lift you will need a generator or you can have additional external batteries. Our proven technology and solutions ensures safe, dependable operation of your lift, whatever the circumstances.

Maintaining vertical lift operation is simple with an appropriate UPS which we can quote and tailor to your power requirements. A UPS system for a lift provides protection against power outages and high current surges, ensuring your facility never experiences downtime. Lifts are crucial for a building's safe and efficient operation so do get in touch regarding backup power. Having backup power with a UPS system is crucial to ensure lift functionality during power failures. We offer battery, standby, and diesel-powered solutions to provide a backup power supply for existing buildings.

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