17 October 2014

UPS System Healthchecks and Maintenance

IMAG0318_burnedWhy should I get a UPS Healthcheck?

If you want to get the most out of your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System), we recommend that you regularly get your UPS System checked to prolong the life of the UPS System, and that you are proactive in making sure your UPS will work as expected, if and when it is needed.

What do Cetronic check during a UPS Healthcheck?

One of our qualified UPS engineers will visit the site of the UPS System, where he will do the following:

  • examine the batteries for any swollen or buckled casings (usually caused by high temperatures)
  • measure the battery voltages
  • battery test
  • check the fans are operating correctly
  • inspect the condition of the ac and dc capacitors
  • alarm log - check for any anomalies
  • check the tightness of terminals where possible
  • input and output voltages
  • check for signs of overheating
  • check the operation of the static and manual bypass switches
  • impedance of the batteries

How often should I have a UPS Healthcheck?

We recommend at least once a year. This is if the UPS system and batteries are within a stable environment, ie a room with controlled temperature, and is clear of dust and clutter.

If this is not the case, and the UPS system is in a harsh environment, with temperatures above 30ºC or below 15ºC, and/or is in a room that is cluttered and dusty, then we recommend at least twice a year.


We offer one-off service visits and annual maintenance contracts. During the UPS Systems warranty period, all annual maintenance contracts are half-price.

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