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28 August 2012
Kit for AS/400 and i-Series Communication Kit

Due to its single-level memory management feature, it is compulsory for any IBM AS/400 system to be UPS protected so that an orderly and controlled shutdown can be achieved. Without a UPS, any protracted mains failure or momentary loss of power will lead to a lengthy recovery period as the AS/400 reboots itself.In addition sudden […]

28 August 2012
Multifunction I/O Serial Link / Contacts Duplexer

MultiFunction I/O is an accessory for the Premier Plus range and provides a set of relay contacts (8A/250V) to give UPS alarm and status indication. The accessory has an input available to enable the functions "Remote ON", "Remote OFF", "Remote ON/OFF" through the UPSTools software (ver. 1.3.3 or above). This function is available for UPS […]

28 August 2012
Multi I/O Protocol Converter

What Is The The Multi I/O Protocol Converter? The Multi I/O Protocol Converter is used in industrial automation and control systems to facilitate communication between different devices that use different communication protocols. It acts as a bridge or gateway, allowing data exchange between devices that speak different languages or protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, […]

28 August 2012
PowerShield³ Communication Software

PowerShield³ provides efficient, user-friendly UPS management using bar chart displays to show major operational information such as the input voltage, UPS load % and batteries charge %. The software also provides detailed information on fault conditions and UPS operating characteristics. PowerShield³ has been developed with a client/server architecture that makes it flexible and easy to […]

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