6 February 2015

Product Of The Month: Power Monitoring


Power Monitoring Surveys

Power problems? Are you concerned you may have an irregularity with your electrical supply causing machine or equipment malfunctions?

High electricity bills or looking to install some new equipment on your electricity supply? Would you like to know how much power you are consuming or how much spare capacity you have?

Are your cables warm or hot to touch? Burnt out neutrals? This may be due to high harmonic current, leading to unfavourable distortion to the voltage waveshape.

Cetronic can offer you a service to monitor the graphical power consumption (load profile), harmonic and disturbance analysis.

If you choose to undertake one of our power monitoring services, Cetronic will supply you with risk assessment and method statements (RAMS) for the installation and removal of the monitoring equipment. An engineer will then come to site and install a suitable instrument. This will be left on-site collecting the data and information you require, for a period of time selected by you. At the end of the monitoring period, an engineer will come back to site and download the data collected and remove the instrument. A full report will be written including graphs from the captured data.

When collecting the data, depending upon the requirements, the following will be captured:

  • Load Profile – Volts, Amps, W, VA & PF
  • Harmonics – Regular snapshots of voltage and current waveforms with analysis up to the 50th harmonic.
  • Disturbances – Impulses/spikes, waveshape faults, voltage dips/surges, RMS voltage & current.

Until 5th March, you can get a 10% discount on any Power Monitoring. To redeem this offer, quote PowMon when placing an order with us.

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