6 January 2015

Product Of The Month: External Manual Bypass Switch

External Manual Bypass Switch

Bypass Panel and switchesAn external manual bypass switch enables an uninterruptible power supply system to be locally isolated for maintenance or replaced without any disruption to the load.

If the external manual bypass switch (EMBS) is supplied with or before the UPS system, it enables the electricians to complete all of the ac cabling and turn the load on. Then, when it comes to installing the UPS system, we can connect the UPS to the EMBS, and once the UPS system is turned on, we can seamlessly switch the load from the mains to UPS, without any interruption.

An external manual bypass switch can also be retrofitted to an existing UPS system installation. External manual bypass switches can be incorporated into switchboards and have safety interlocks fitted to prevent incorrect switching operation.

We build each of the wall-mounted external manual bypass switches to order, specifically for the UPS systems size, which covers some of the range of single and three-phase on-line UPS systems, starting from the Premium Dual.

The external manual bypass switch consists of UPS input and output terminals, and mains input and output terminals. There is also a UPS input breaker, UPS bypass switch disconnector and UPS output switch.

Before shipping, all terminals and switches are tightened and tested. This will also be done when the external manual bypass switch is installed by us. We are proudly partnered with RB1 LTD who supply us with bypass panels. Contact us today if you would like more information and quotes.

Until 5th February, you can get free delivery on any External Manual Bypass Switch. To redeem this offer, quote EMBSDEL when placing an order with us.

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