23 February 2024

Featherstone High School

Featherstone High School is a leading educational institution based in Ealing, London. They focused on delivering high quality lessons that support strong academic achievement. With the aim to give students a rich and rewarding education, filled with exciting and unique possibilities.

The Challenge

The school has been facing challenges with its existing 10kVA Symmetra APC legacy UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. The aging infrastructure has shown signs of decreased
efficiency and reliability. If the school had a power outage this old UPS could have been a liability.
The Featherstone school’s IT department decided to upgrade the system to ensure a reliable power supply for critical equipment and to align with modern energy efficiency standards. The existing 10kVA APC Symmetra UPS, which has served the school for a decade, is currently end of
life and is no longer meeting the growing power demands of the school’s expanding technological infrastructure.

Featherstone High School

Key Features - Riello UPS 10kVA Sentryum

  • High Efficiency: The Riello UPS Sentryum series boasts a high-efficiency rating, ensuring optimal power usage and reducing energy costs over time.
Riello UPS Sentryum Range
Riello UPS
  • Advanced Monitoring: The UPS is equipped with advanced monitoring and communication features, allowing the IT staff to remotely monitor power conditions, battery status, and perform proactive maintenance.

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