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14 May 2024
UPS Insurance - Maintenance Contracts

Our clients protect their businesses with our UPS systems, but what's protecting the UPS units? Our maintenance contracts act as an insurance policy. protecting your assets is at the heart of our maintenance contracts ensuring optimal reliability. Protect Your UPS Units Now, Contact Us Today What Makes Our Policy Critical? UPS units offer power protection […]

18 April 2024
Standby Generator Maintenance: Ensuring Reliability

The importance of standby generators cannot be overstated. These power protection emergency generators serve as a lifeline during unexpected power outages, ensuring that life and business can go on without a hitch. However, the reliability of a standby generator is not just a matter of having one installed. Like any other critical piece of machinery, […]

6 March 2024
Cut Energy Costs by 20% with Power Monitoring

Cetronic Power Monitoring Solutions Cut energy costs by 20% with our power monitoring solutions because we understand saving on your energy cost is a wish all businesses make. Our power monitoring technology enables us to detect current energy problems, detect issues ahead of time to prepare your power infrastructure for a reliable future. What Damages […]

22 January 2024
Business Investments You Should Make In 2024

New year, new business investments you should make in 2024 as a business owner. As we have been entering 2024 there has been a huge increase in demand for uninterruptible power supplies. Why Act Now? Don't wait for the next power outage to disrupt your business. By partnering with us, you're investing in the longevity […]

1 December 2023
Christmas Closure 2023

Christmas Closure 2023-Blog We are on a Christmas Closure at 12:30 pm on the 22nd of December 2023 and open at 9 am on the 2nd Jan 2024.  If you have any emergency faults over the festive period, please continue to use the usual call logging procedure by contacting the number on your service certificate.A […]

17 November 2023
Constant Voltage Transformers (CVTs)

Understanding Constant Voltage Transformers: A Constant Voltage Transformer, often abbreviated as CVT, is a specialised type of power conditioning equipment designed to provide a consistent and stable output voltage, irrespective of fluctuations in the input voltage. Unlike traditional transformers, CVTs incorporate a unique ferroresonant technology that contributes to their ability to maintain a steady output […]

10 October 2023
KVA or KW When Sizing a Battery (Here's What To Do)

Size Your UPS Battery Correctly One area of confusion is whether to use KVA (kilovolt-amperes) or KW (kilowatts) when sizing a battery for a UPS system. Understanding KVA and KW Before we jump into the battery sizing, it's essential to understand what KVA and KW represent. The Battery Sizing Complications Here's where the KVA vs. […]

11 September 2023
What are the benefits of a UPS system?

When it comes to supplying backup power to your business, there are added benefits other than the obvious keeping your business online during power cuts and regulating any voltage irregularities. So you have consistent clean power going into your critical equipment therefore preventing any damage that can be caused by power fluctuations or in proper […]

7 September 2023
Job Opportunity: UPS Service Engineer – Field based (England)

Type: Permanent Location: As above Salary: Negotiable We are looking for a skilled electronics engineer who wants to be part of a growing company with experience in the UPS industry. The candidate must have experience of and be expected to perform the following tasks: Training: The role involves a significant amount of driving throughout the […]

14 August 2023
Asset Protection - Why a UPS is Essential

Six valuable reasons why your assets need protecting with an uninterruptible power supply. Learn about what a UPS system is. Power protection is an investment to protect assets and other investments you or your business have. Get in contact if you would like a quote for asset protection through the use of electrical backup power. […]

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